Tick, Tock … Time to Tune Up Your House

Call the plumber!We all know our cars need regular maintenance to run efficiently and limit damage and wear — and most of us tend to similar seasonal maintenance items for our homes, like cleaning gutters, replacing caulk, servicing the furnace, and touching up exterior paint. These are items that can save tens of thousands of dollars in major repairs if done regularly. However, what most homeowners don’t often think about is conducting a more substantial “home tune up” every 5-10 years, with larger projects that provide much bigger payoffs in terms of preserving home value and increasing every day comfort.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a home tune up from both a homeowner and home seller’s perspective:

If you plan to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, a tune up helps it continue being a wonderful place to live.
A tune up can refresh your home’s appearance and rebuild its enjoyability. We typically address items like fresh paint, color tweaks, new fabrics and wall coverings, updated furniture, replacing some exterior doors or windows, repairing or replacing a patio or deck, and refinishing or replacing select flooring. While you may feel comfortable “just living with” these items in their current state, we can lend a fresh set of eyes to update what you already have and make your daily quality of life so much better.

If you are selling your house in the near future, a tune up can help you sell it faster — possibly at a higher price.
We will walk though your home with you to help create a list of repair items that will undoubtedly come up later during the home inspection. These are things that typically cause nervousness and doubt in a potential home buyer, even though they might really be small or inconsequential issues in the big scheme of things. Together, we can weigh the costs and benefits of each item on the list, prioritizing the things that will increase your property’s “wow” factor without breaking your budget.

Things we typically address in a pre-sale tuneup:

  • Front entryway — This is the first thing anyone sees. How does it look? What does it project?
  • Exterior finish — Is your stone home missing some mortar? Does brick need repointing? Should we do the whole house or patch point?
  • Basement/garage — Are there strange odors, open junction boxes, or unsafe wiring? How can we make it a pleasant and useful space?
  • Water heater/heater/HVAC — Is the system at the end of its useful life? Should you replace or issue a buyer’s credit?
  • Doors — There may be a few that don’t close properly because the house has shifted or paint has built up. You may ignore this, but buyers find it annoying or worse. We can fix these easily!
  • Doors — There may be a few that don’t close properly because the house has shifted or paint has built up. You may ignore this, but buyers find it annoying or worse. We can fix these easily!
  • Knobs, pulls and locks — Do they not work or look clumsy? Again, an easy fix.
  • Paint colors and decor — Does your decorating scheme remind people of The Brady Bunch, Pizza Hut, or the pastel wonderland of The Golden Girls? Time to update!
  • Older wooden windows — Drafty or non-working windows need to be addressed. We can discuss a range of style-appropriate options.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms — These rooms literally make or break a home sale. We can update the existing spaces with some small changes, or replace them entirely with new showstoppers that don’t break the budget but do draw in excited buyers.
  • Gutters and spouts — Lower maintenance systems are available, and buyers want them. We can guide you.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and systems — These are always important to buyers. We can help you sort through a vast array of options.
  • Outside space/views — Landscaping upgrades, new decking, porches, and patios should all complement your indoor living spaces.

If you’re ready to get started or just want to learn more about a home tune up, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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