How We Work

A New Life for Your Space. A Better Life for You.

Myers Constructs, Inc., is a design-to-build company unlike any other. What’s our secret? We work hand-in-hand with you to create a meticulous plan for your project, then our team of experts promptly and efficiently takes your project through to completion. The result? Beautiful, long-lasting living solutions and happy, satisfied homeowners.

Step 1: Getting the Ball Rolling

After you make initial contact with us, you’ll chat on the phone with our project manager about the project you have in mind. If it seems like a good fit, our designer will meet you at your project site for a complimentary meeting and site walk-through. Among other things, she assesses whether design work is needed for your project.

If your project is straightforward and needs no design work, we’ll send you a proposed work order. After you sign the work order and provide a work order deposit, we’ll schedule the work and get started. The course of work resembles the PCA process described below.

If design work is needed, we’ll send you a proposed Project Development Agreement (PDA) for your approval. After we receive the signed PDA and design deposit back from you, we’ll schedule a number of design meetings with you.

Step 2: Understanding the Design Process

The PDA process is intended to fully specify your project in advance. Our design team will conduct a complete site survey and meet frequently with you to learn what you want from the project, your aesthetic sensibility, and your budget. With this input, the design team will prepare and revise schematic drawings and elevations, accompany you on supplier visits, and otherwise define and refine what the project will involve. After we complete this process, we’ll present you with a proposed Project Construction Agreement (PCA). Once you sign the PCA and make a construction deposit, we’ll schedule the work to begin.

Step 3: A Look at the Construction Process

Project construction will closely follow the script created during the PDA process. The design team will first translate the PDA drawings into construction drawings, then file for permits, submit orders to suppliers, and introduce you to the project manager, who will be your contact during construction. Next, our crew will arrive, set up, and get right to work. You’ll generally make weekly payments as the typical course of work progresses: demolition, framing, rough-in by various subcontracted tradesmen (e.g., plumbing and electric), installation of appliances and finishes (e.g., drywall or tile), and, lastly, trim-out by subcontracted tradesmen. At this point, we usually have reached the “substantial functionality” milestone, when the warranty period begins to run. We’ll conduct a punchlist walkthrough, you’ll sign the punchlist, we’ll work through any issues, you’ll make the final payment, and the project will be complete. You get your home back and marvel at the gorgeous work we did!

For more information, see our frequently asked questions page.