In the Works: Fall Projects

truck Fall is a busy time for us, both at our clients’ homes and at our own. We’ve been busy doing repairs and maintenance at our house, replacing some undersized gutters with new 6” versions whose color more closely matches our house paint, and making repairs to a patio slider. After that, we’ll order glass panels that fit into the “split” in our split-level rancher.

bestofphillyWe had our trucks rebadged last week to reflect our recent Best of Philly Award, and our yard signs are getting a little update, too. It’s neat to see people in parking lots turn and point to our vehicles when they see the Myers Constructs name and logo.

At Phase II of the Fairmount project, all of the rough-ins are beginning, starting with the electricians — and we have a few other projects waiting in the wings, as well: A couple of expansion additions, and a couple of kitchens. Stay tuned for updates on all of these…