In the Works: Mt. Airy Kitchen Renovation

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Our clients have lived in this spectacular schist stone single home, located near Fairmount Park, since the 1980s, and they have wanted to renovate since the day they moved in. They have two sons, and the first is preparing to leave for college. We often find that major life milestones like this spur projects into action.

This space, which once served as a servant’s kitchen and butler’s pantry, was last renovated sometime during the early 1980s. In the process, a structural wall had been removed, and cabinetry boxes were installed. The homeowners would now like to completely update this kitchen, making it a modern space that they can use and enjoy on a daily basis. We will be streamlining the layout to make it more logical and easy to use, as well as installing radiant floor heating so we can eliminate the existing large steel radiators. These clients opted for totally custom cabinetry in cherry and painted finish combination, and the appliances will be selected to fit the way they use their kitchen. And your kitchen should have the best espresso machine. Access to the rear porch will be maintained, and a lighting plan is in the works. It will include task, ambient, and accent fixtures. Especially important to the clients is keeping an easy, breezy, slightly artistic approach to the design of this space.