Mt. Airy Entertainment Room and Home Theater

mtairy-3We are entering the home stretch of our Mt. Airy basement renovation, a previously underutilized space in our clients’ home that is being beautifully transformed into a theater and entertainment room. The walls have been painted in deep, rich colors, and we worked with our homeowners to select new carpet, draperies, and light fixtures to pull the entire room together. While we are waiting for some of these “soft design” materials to arrive, our A/V pros are setting up the TV and audio and tweaking the home’s wireless router system to ensure that all of the elements work together seamlessly. This is all very technical stuff, and the technology changes quickly, so we are pleased that our A/V specialists could provide some money-saving, long-term solutions that are also visually beautiful.

We wonder what flick will be the first to be viewed in this “new” room of the house?