Late Summer Trip to the Stone Yard

Last week, I made a trip to the stone yard to pick up a couple of small, deluxe custom pieces for a bathroom we’re remodeling. One was a bathroom threshold and the other was a shower bench, both in 1.25 inch Absolute Black! Items like these make a finished tiled bathroom sing!

Here are some snapshots from my trip. Things were very quiet the Monday morning I was there. The fabrication room was slow with summer vacation season — so slow, in fact, that the floors were dry. You might not know that all of this stone work is done with diamond-coated tools, which require running water to keep them cool. During busier times, these rooms are typically very noisy and very wet.

The good thing about this shop being slow is my product came to me in just 4 days, and they gave me a great price. The downside is if they want to continue to provide us all with great products and service, they need business! Be sure to request some high-quality stone on your next home-renovation project. This fabricator can create countertops and backsplashes for kitchens, many types of flooring, bathroom walls, shower pans, niches and seats.

In these photos, you can see the computer-driven cutting tables, stores of marble and granite tiles, the back of the forklift they use to help move things around, some small projects waiting for pick up, and lots of beautiful granite and marble slabs!

Check out the figuring on these beautiful slabs! So far, none of our customers are brave enough to select this type of active stone. Imagine this over an entire bathroom wall! Beautiful!

Here are some slabs that were outside in the parking area. The slightly orange one is onyx, and it can be backlit to create very dramatic lighting. I love that color!