When most folks have a kitchen designed by us, they usually have a certain style cue in mind. It could be they want a country styled kitchen with beaded board paneling and a farm house sink. Or they might want a sleek modern frameless Euro styled kitchen with quartz counters, or a classic Shaker styled one with cherry cabinets and soapstone counters.

These are all very helpful style take off points for our design team who will spend time talking with you about your ideas. They will also spend time discussing the style cues your house is already making, be it a bungalow, French styled “chateau”, row house, 4 square, or loft. Our team will find out how you cook. If you like to cook big meals they may suggest a double oven or larger fridge. You might bake a lot, so need a baking area. Or you might keep a Kosher kitchen so you need 2 fridges or 2 dishwashers. Our design team wants to understand all the special things you want your new kitchen to do for you.

In addition to the more traditional kitchen modes I have highlighted here in brief, our design team can create more exotic kitchens like this –

You’ve wanted it since you were 17. Now you have your Camaro – link
Why not style your kitchen like the Camaro? We can get the same color and paint sheen onto sleek muscular cabinets. We can make the whole kitchen remodel as amazing as this car you have been wanting so long.

You graduated college in the 1980s when the first TRON movie was released. Now there is TRON Legacy link. Why not style your new bathroom or kitchen with these same sleek infinite black surfaces, LED and neon lighting at cabinets kicks, and edges of walls?

You have wanted a Ducati for decades. You worked hard and did well. Now you have your 999 Shouldn’t your new kitchen design be given the same level of attention? Shouldn’t your new kitchen be this beautiful? This timeless?

There are many ways to cook. We know how to make your new kitchen “SMOKE”!