Operation Organization — Everything in Its Place

Fall is the perfect season to think about nesting, de-cluttering, and organizing your home to make sure all of the odds and ends you accumulate throughout the year have a proper home. To that end, we’re offering a roundup of some the special customized cabinetry insert options that are available in the Myers Made™ cabinetry line to help you. See the slideshow below for some of our most popular solutions, along with details about how they can assist with your needs.

How can you choose which options are right for you? You’ll need to clearly define your goals and wishes in order to create a beautiful and well-organized space that matches your home and taste. Of course, we can work with you to cover all of the basics you’ll need — whether it’s a kitchen, bath, library, or entertainment/media room — and add value with these and many other internal solutions that help make everyday living a bit easier and happier.

Narrow but tall spice storage drawer: easy access for cooking, and out of the way when you are not.
Simple flatwear drawer with attractive maple dividers — eliminates the need for cheap, plastic flatwear organizers.
Wooden peg storage drawer with dishes.
Wooden peg storage drawer with dishes.
Just one of many recycling and garbage pull-out combinations available.
Wooden peg storage drawer with dishes.
This 2-tiered cutlery drawer organizes everyday and special-occasion flatwear and takes up no more space than a typical flatwear drawer.
A deep drawer with moveable pegs that can be configured as desired to accommodate many pots, dishes, and serving bowls without the risk of edges banging together or heavy dishes being dropped from an upper cabinet.
Drawer base cabinet with standard top drawer. The middle drawer is divided into general use on the right and storage for utensils on the left in cans, which come out for easy dishwashing and keep the countertop free from clutter.

Myers Made™ Custom Cabinetry — Now Available A la Carte

gb_150516_0566_750x600_Perhaps you are probably already familiar with our Myers Made™ private-label line of custom cabinetry. What you may not know is that, in addition to full kitchen and bathroom solutions, we now offer free-standing cabinetry options, including:

  • kitchen islands
  • bars
  • bar cabinets
  • bathroom vanities
  • medicine cabinets

These items are available in custom wood species, sizes, colors, and finishes, with specialty functions to fit your specifications, and they can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Countertops are then sourced locally, which means lower shipping costs for you! Contact us today to find out how we can create a la carte solutions to meet your cabinetry needs.

Random Thoughts on “Big Box” Styling

When you walk through the home furnishings aisles in any of the “big box” retail stores, you will find that textiles, lighting and accessories are all offered in a general color range of brown, beige, or off-white. You may find the occasional splash of low-grade red or green in items like curtains or rugs, but that’s as much diversity of style as you will find.

We find this limited color scheme off-putting, especially when there are so many wonderful small boutique suppliers online and in most towns where you can find better quality items in a much broader color scheme that are created to work with the era of your home.

The following are some pointers on finding good quality, “out-of-the-big-box” materials:

  • Tile. Tile is made of clay with some color added into the mix of the glaze. Better colors, even earth tones, cost more than listless tans and beiges. Similarly, a deep glaze tile costs more than the thin surface on a cheap tile. However, a quality white tile doesn’t cost very much more than an inferior tan tile, yet it looks so much better!
  • Cabinetry. Cabinets that are made of natural materials, like wood, should look like real wood. The finish on a cheap wood cabinet will look more like plastic and will not be deep or interesting to look at. Need a point of reference? Go to any good antique furniture store and examine what the wood looks like. You’ll see French polish, milk paint, varnish, oil or waxed finishes … with no “plastic” on display. Those old pieces have served generations of people and actually increased in their value! If you are looking at painted cabinetry, the signature advantages of good quality products are that they will age gracefully and retain their crisp color over time. Conversely, cheap painted cabinetry will discolor, and the finish will be hard to keep clean.
  • Metal Finishes. Metal is another material group that should never look like plastic. A well-crafted item made of metal will last generations. For example, a 1910 nickel faucet can still be in great working order after it gets a new washer. With age, it will get a soft patina, while a new, high-gloss brass or low-end chrome fixture will have no depth of color, and the surface will quickly pit.
  • Plastic Accessories. Plastic has its place and is perfectly fine for certain uses, as long as it is stable, long-lasting plastic, such as Bakelite, which became popular for use in fashion and industrial design items in the 1920s. New plastics, such as the recent makeover of the classic aluminum Emeco chair, incorporate fewer petrochemicals and more recycled and organic components.