Doing Your Homework As a Home Improvement Buyer

I recently spoke with a potential client who had a hugely specified project he wanted to build, but an insufficient budget to do so. Here are some things he could have done to be a more prepared buyer:

Check out Remodeling Magazine — This is a well researched source where homeowners can go for solid answers about renovations. Prices will vary depending upon the age of the home, but it’s a great place to start your research. Start here before you hire an architect or designer to come up with a project design for you. The information is very good, and it’s FREE! Remodeling Magazine

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In the News

Diane Menke quoted in Inc. Magazine;

Drive Blog Loyalty by The Internet Strategist Maisha Walker

Diane says, “I love reading Maisha’s Helpful tips for small business on the use of social media. There is a lot to know and learn. Maisha makes it simple for non tech people like me. Inc. Magazine has been a real help to our small business as we strengthen and grow it. Thanks to Inc. Magazine and Maisha Walker!”