Fighting the Big Chill: Radiant Floor Heating

New entryway design for 1957 Flourtown split level

One of the most effective ways to make a cold space more comfortable during the Fall and Winter months is to install radiant floor heating. We have done this in many projects, including our current Fairmount whole-house renovation and this Flourtown rancher, where we converted a former breezeway into a warm, welcoming entryway.

The wiring is installed on top of the subfloor, then covered over with floor leveler before the finished flooring is installed. The heat is controlled via a wall switch — requiring only about as much energy as an incandescent lightbulb. A very efficient way to warm cold feet!

Image: Damon Landry

How To; Plumb, Level, Square

Here is an example of one way to get an old rolling floor level. This is a kitchen we are doing in Queen Village, an area of South Philadelphia. It’s in a very old 19th Century building, probably once a small factory, which was turned into a home in the 1970’s.

This is the new light cement product subfloor with imbedded electric radiant heat. It was just poured and as you can see its very wet still. Once set, we will install beautiful limestone tile on this surface. It will be nice and warm on the feet when it’s done, and this heating system is very efficient!

The old floor was out of level by 3+ inches on a few places. The boxes you see are just temporary protection for the HVAC outlets in the floor. These will be removed once the liquid floor leveling product sets.

Welcome! A Great Entryway We Helped Create

Here is an example of a great entryway we helped create.

Photo: Damon Landry

This used to be an open breezeway, unsuited for four season use. Now its a warm welcoming entryway with radiant heat in the slate flooring. These doors let in a lot of light but are super insulated.

A new life for your space. A better life for you.