His and Hers Art Studio; Project Update

Now that the ice and snow have receded, lots of progress is happening at our His and Hers Art Studio Project.

January was very tough on the masons who had to try to work between snow and ice storms creating new window and door openings, create new roof lines, and to shore up walls!

Now that the masons have blocked everything out, the framers have been fast at work framing up roofing and setting the window and door framing. They’ve also begun framing the interior wall structure which will hold insulation and OSB for the final wall finish.

The home owners will use this space as painting studios. So they will need to hang their canvases on the walls while they are working on them. It’s very common for painters wot work on the walls and they typically prefer plywood or OSB to drywall which doesn’t have much holding strength.

Some of the fine points are where to set the new windows in the masonry openings, and where to set the floor levels. This is because we are installing new walls windows and doors “plumb level and square” in a raw concrete and brick building with many lumps and waves in it. This is one of the differences between working in new construction vs remodeling. In remodeling you are always setting up the next guy who has to remodel or repair in the next decades. And you are always looking to “work with” and accentuate the old characters of a building.