We Toured Post Greens’ Skinny House Project

Last Friday, Tamara and I were invited out by Chuck Weiss, project manager for Post Green, to check out their Skinny House Project. You can learn more about that project here: Skinny House

We are really excited by Post Green’s innovative build process and we look forward to learning more from them. Their main approach to their home efficiency ratings (which are very high!) is a focus on air sealing. Once the house is well sealed, they can then install efficient heating and cooling systems, and minimal resource using appliances and devices like low flow toilets.

Developers like Post Green are bringing fresh new ideas about new construction to Philadelphia. Their efforts provide a real “shot in the arm” to Philadelphia development and the buyers of new houses in the city.

Stay tuned to our website. We will continue to report on topics of green and sustainable rehabs we are currently involved in, and new construction projects like those of Post Green, all happening in Philadelphia.