Why Truly Custom Cabinets Are Better Than Stock

A truly custom cabinet unit or series of units can be created to any size, proportion, in any wood species or color. Functions such as drawer and cabinet types can also be made to order. Additionally, inserts such as pull out racks for appliances, or recycling among other options can be specified. True custom or ‘bespoke” cabinets are expensive. The average cabinet package will start at around $35,000 and it goes up from there.

Just as in Japanese residential architecture, where the room’s dimensions are based on the proportions of the tatami mat (3×4 feet), your home also has proportions. But they probably don’t correspond to the proportions of a stock cabinet.

In many of the older homes we work on, the kitchen ceiling is over nine feet or more, or close to seven and a half feet in very old houses.

Stock kitchen cabinets come in limited standard sizes. This means that to make these cabinets fit, your builder or carpenter will first install an unsightly soffit and/or crown molding. Older houses often never had soffits or crown moldings. So right away your new kitchen looks very cookie-cutter and not very fitted. It’s dated the day it’s installed.

Myers Constructs, Inc. can install true custom cabinetry to your specifications. Or just like a great tailor who can make an off-the-rack suit fit well, we can also install cost-effective stock cabinets, with customized fitting, to make the final project look fitted. Your investment in bespoke cabinets or stock cabinets will have a long life with this kind of attention to fit.