Doing Your Homework As a Home Improvement Buyer

I recently spoke with a potential client who had a hugely specified project he wanted to build, but an insufficient budget to do so. Here are some things he could have done to be a more prepared buyer:

Check out Remodeling Magazine — This is a well researched source where homeowners can go for solid answers about renovations. Prices will vary depending upon the age of the home, but it’s a great place to start your research. Start here before you hire an architect or designer to come up with a project design for you. The information is very good, and it’s FREE! Remodeling Magazine

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Buying a Home? Don’t Forget to Factor in a Renovation Budget.

A couple of weeks ago, we blogged about our home-buyer consulting service, “Helpline for Home Buyers.” Yesterday, I got a call from a first-time home buyer who was considering buying one of two homes. She wanted to know a little about our services and how we might help her. In her case, since no offer had yet been made or accepted, I suggested that she get some free online remodeling cost information to arm herself with useful general information. I directed her to “Remodeling Magazine’s” website and their annual “Cost vs. Value Report.” That’s a great place to get good information about what typical remodeling projects will cost.

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Why Truly Custom Cabinets Are Better Than Stock

A truly custom hpl cabinet unit or series of units can be created to any size, proportion, in any wood species or color. Functions such as drawer and cabinet types can also be made to order. Additionally, inserts such as pull out racks for appliances, or recycling among other options can be specified. True custom or ‘bespoke” cabinets are expensive. The average cabinet package will start at around $35,000 and it goes up from there.

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