Working in Small Houses is Tough

When we come to work on your home, we will need a lot of space to stage materials and tools. Here are a couple of photos to show you what I mean;

This is just the set up for the electricians who are in the basement installing a new electrical panel and service in this 1200 sf city home.

On the second floor, our carpenter has a luxe master bathroom underway. So he has most of the 2nd floor for set up and under construction. Staging a project in a small urban house with no garage is very hard. Here is a short list how he needs to stage this project ;

Tile materials and bathroom fixtures are waiting in the dining room.
Drywall waited in the 2nd floor hallway.
The jetted tub was delivered and installed the same day so it would not take up space.
The bathroom vanity, toilets and sinks are also delivered at the last minute before installation.
While the tile was being set, the carpenter had to vacate the 2nd floor to work on the living room fireplace, so the tile setter could set up on the 2nd floor.
The home owners have only their 3rd floor to themselves.

To install this bathroom, we have to take up about 1/2 of the house. Ideally these home owners would pack most of their things and put them into storage while we work, but thats not always possible. If we had the space though, the project might have been less expensive.

Making room is something to consider when you are planning a renovation project, even a small one.