The Rule of 10,000


In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers,” he explains that to be good at anything, you have to put in at least 10,000 hours doing it. Outliers

Seasoned general contractors (GCs) know this to be true. During the course of their careers, GCs typically put in many years of 12-hour days learning their craft. You’ll find that most GCs have at least a few gray hairs to show for all this hard work. I call these pros “silverbacks,” which is also the nickname for the leaders in bands of gorillas.

It’s important for you, the homeowner, to know that an experienced construction pro is going to be able to manage your project better than the younger average Joe. They are also going to do a much better job than you, should you be tempted into thinking that taking on their role on a project would be fun or economical.

How so? The experienced GC is skilled in anticipating and heading off problems before they occur. Some problems relate to seasonal issues, and others relate to understanding the timing of product shipments. He or she is also experienced with keeping the job on schedule and on budget. After all, anything that negatively affects the schedule will cause increased costs to you.

Another skill a GC brings to the table is selecting the right pro for each project. A construction project, like a high-end addition, is going to need a different set of roofing skills than a row house replacement job. Likewise, a perfectionist carpenter might be just right for installing that custom Birdseye Maple trim costing $30 per lineal foot, but that’s not the carpenter to put on a flip house or for framing and closing a roof as the rain starts. A GC knows the difference and has trusted contacts that possess those different skill sets.

Issues of access to the work site also come into play on each job. You can only get one or two people in a bathroom during a remodel. You need many more people on site for an addition frame up. Where will the dumpster and supplies go? How about the homeowners? Maybe they need to move out until the project is complete. Again, a professional GC has experience in these issues and can handle them seamlessly.

So you can see, hiring a GC with some gray hair and a very full Rolodex is probably a smart idea. You want the pros you hire for your project to have their 10,000 hours in. Ask them if they do before you sign a contract or hand over any money.

Production Meetings Keep Our Crews on Track

Myers Constructs, Inc., does things differently than other folks in remodeling and renovations: We run an organized business. One way we keep things organized is with meetings.

Each Monday at 7:30 a.m., everyone involved in production at our company meets at our office. At this meeting, we look at the next several weeks of projects. We discuss what company resources are needed where and when. Notes for several projects running at the same time are made on our office white board, office calendars and the field crew’s work calendars. Our field crews then work from these. This is the same meeting where the field crews hand in their time sheets and other paperwork they are responsible for.

At these weekly meetings, we also discuss any issues or problems we have encountered. A big part of what we all do is problem solving. We have a lot of experience doing it, and we enjoy the process. Knowing this allows our customers — homeowners like you — to relax.

Our Design to Build™ system works to take the chaos out of your renovation projects. We’d rather not get up at “0′dark-hundred” to get to an early meeting on a Monday. But that’s what it takes to make a project run smoothly.

Design to Build = The Better Way to Go

At Myers Constructs, Inc., we use the phrase “Design to Build”™. It is our trademarked remodeling system.

You’ve all heard about terrible remodeling projects where the project goes over budget and takes forever to complete, while no one knows what’s happening, and the homeowners are suffering while waiting for the next shoe to drop.

That’s not us! Our system takes the chaos and stress out of your home renovations. This system is great for commercial projects, too.

Design to Build™ means we only design what you want and can afford. We don’t design with the aim of piling up billable hours like some people. That’s because our business model is based on what we build, not on design time we bill for.

We won’t design highfalutin flying buttresses (or other misfit architectural details) on your addition just because they’re really cool. We understand your home’s style and we Design to Build™ using that style as a taking-off point. The result is a long-lasting project, built on time and on budget, with few or no surprises.

This means that you can relax knowing that you’ll be pleased with the results of this system. Why not go ahead and schedule that vacation while we complete your project for you? Many of our customers do.