Part I In a Series: When Vintage Decor Meets Modern Renovation – and a Giveaway!

If you follow our blog regularly, you may already know that we’re doing a long-awaited renovation of the master bedroom suite at our 1950s Sputnik-era split-level rancher in Flourtown. Happily, the construction phase is over, and we’re now on to the finishing touches and decorating stage. This is when we get to install all of the shiny and pretty bits. Shopping for just the right decor is, for me, one of the most fun parts of the project. Because I love old, quality crafted furniture, I really enjoy the process of combing the local antique and high-end consignment shops to find pieces that will not only fit the space properly, but also tell the right story about our home.

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A Stylish DIY Project

Many people think of furnishing their home as a single expedition to a big-name supplier where they can buy a “set” of furniture to fill their rooms. They plop down their credit card and call their room “done.”

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After & Before – Chairs

Here are two chairs I recently had reupholstered for use in my sunny living room.



I got the two tatty blue, but underneath it all, very good chairs from my neighbors who were moving to Florida.



You can see that these were from the 1970’s. The fabric was a faded indigo velvet. We kept the welts and general tailored look but deleted the skirt.

I’m delighted with the results.

Bought This on My Trip

Here is a snap of a bright pot I bought on my trip to the Asheville, NC area last week. I picked it up at a Black Mountain antiques shop.

I bought this on my trip last week
I bought this on my trip last week

I loved the drippy deep brown glaze. It reminded me a bit of the brown coffee cups everyone had in the 1960’s. This has a nicer color brown + all the flame red. I just had to have it.

Turns out it was made in W. Germany for export I would guess given that this fact is written in English on the bottom of the pot. My folks are from W. Germany so maybe there is a genetic component to my taste.

Our living room is very sunny, and mostly white. I needed some browns and reds to help connect the room to the open kitchen that has huge Red Dragon counters.

More color coming stay tuned. Let me know what you think of this pot!