After the Reno: Finishing Touches of Design

As you already know, Myers Constructs, Inc., can assist you with a full spectrum of design-to-build services, taking your project from concept through to completion. But what you may not know is that we can also assist with interior design and decorating – the finishing touches of your project. 

Typically, we finish a project, leaving it freshly painted, and you have a new room to decorate.

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The Glam World of General Contracting

Many times on projects, little SNAFU’s happen. It’s my job to handle the SNAFU’s and make sure the customer doesn’t notice or get upset about them.

Sometimes the problems that arise are just the nature of the remodeling beast, but sometimes there is someone to blame. When a homeowner hires a general contractor (GC), they are hiring a pro who will handle these SNAFU’s along with managing the project.

At our total home reno project in Whitemarsh yesterday, the countertop templater was out to measure for new stone kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Here is a snap of him in action.


We’re just doing a kitchen freshening up since the cabinets are fairly new and layout is OK. The scope for this room is new pendant light for eating area, the new countertops, new tile backsplashes, new hardwood floors, new outlets and switches, new appliances, proper vent hood, and new trim at the floor. In general, we will make it look a little more upscale and use better, long-lasting materials where we are replacing things.

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