More Logical Storage: You Know You Need It

On every one of our renovation projects, we make sure to factor in lots of logical storage. Typically, people don’t pay attention to closets and storage areas unless they’re done exceptionally poorly or extraordinarily well. Here are some of results of well designed, logical storage:

guests arrive and know where their coats go
kids know where to put their toys, shoes and backpacks
your keys and briefcase have a place to be so you can find them in the mornings
your bathrooms and bedrooms are no longer cluttered with clothing and personal products
you can always find the dog’s leash
you have a dedicated area for storing party supplies, such as paper products, cutlery, and beverage glasses and bottles
items like cookbooks and audio equipment are neatly organized and ready for use
sports equipment and bicycles do not clutter your entryway

Because it makes sense in the room, because it “fits” properly, our logical storage disappears. Here are some examples of the kind of simple, logical storage we build into every one of our replica watches uk projects…

Earth-Friendly Home Renovations: A Local Perspective

Earth friendly. Eco conscious. Green. What do these terms mean in the context of home improvement? The short answer is being kind to your surroundings — although the meanings can differ slightly depending on where you live.

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