Thanks to Elfant Wissahikon Realtors!

Thanks to Elfant Wissahickon Realtors!

We are happy to announce a new website cross-linking relationship with Elfant Wissahickon Realty . You can find us on their site under the tabs “home buying” and “related resources.”

We really appreciate this endorsement from a company we know well and respect.

We have bought and sold many properties with them, and our experience has always been wonderful.

Thanks, again, to Elfant Wissahickon for their endorsement of Myers Constructs.

Unforeseen Conditions

Many a customer will ask us what “unforeseen conditions” means. They ask because “unforeseen conditions” are explained in our contracts as something that can cause a “change order extra” to take place — and no one wants to spend money on something they don’t understand.

On this project, our plumbers encountered a cracked bend in the soil line. Here are some snaps of the problem:

You can see the old rusted pipes are in the basement ready to go to the scrapper. The new pipe is on site waiting for the change order extra to be approved. One snap shows the cracked bend where the toilet sits. The bend is in the bathroom floor under your toilet. You can see the large ugly hole in the living room wall the plumbers had to make to get at the pipe. The last image is from the bathroom looking down into the living room. This kind of destruction can be very upsetting to a homeowner, so it’s best to get the problem fixed and closed up soon as possible.

The bend is what is under your toilet and it’s connected to the soil line, which carries the waste from your toilet all the way to the street. If the soil line is cracked inside the house, what is in the pipe gets into your house. That’s sewage: solid and liquid waste, plus sewer gasses. It’s not a nice thing. If you smell something funny, this kind of leak is something to check for.

These cast iron pipes last a long time, and they are much quieter than PVC. When they fail, they corrode from the inside. Sheets of iron can flake off inside the house causing a clogged soil line, which forces sewage to back up into your house.

If the pipes in the house have not been used for a long time, they dry out and can crack when use begins again. Tree roots can also get into them. Ever wonder how those huge trees can grow on tiny front lawns? Yum! Soil line!

A cracked soil line is just one example of “unforeseen conditions.”

Some Photos: Main Line Food and Jazz Fest

Here are some photos from the Main Line Food and Jazz Fest where we had a booth this past Saturday.

It was a hot day so we put out some water and doggie cookies for the many pets at the event.

The folks in the bright yellow t shirts were walking from Philly to Pittsburgh to raise awareness and dollars for returning veterans and their medical needs and expenses. They made it to Wayne by 1 or 2 o’clock so they were making great time on their walk!

The lovely brown loaves are from George Perrier’s booth. He is the owner of Le Bec Fin in center city, and he has another restaurant on the Main Line George’s. Tamara took a lot of photos of this bread so you know what she was thinking about that Saturday!

You can see Stormy, who came out to help us, and I fanning ourselves with our company cards while hiding from the sun in our booth!

Thanks to the organizers and many merchants who were wonderful hosts to us. We met many new faces while working the booth on Saturday. We’ll be calling a number of home owners who came by to ask about some renovation projects they have been considering. Keep an eye open for our company logo on trucks and yard signs.

Main Line Jazz & Food Festival

The Myers Constructs team will be on hand at the 7th annual Main Line Jazz & Food Festival on Saturday, June 12, from noon to 9 pm. The event will be held in the heart of Wayne on North Wayne Avenue between Lancaster Avenue (Rt. 30) and West Avenue. While you’re there enjoying the good eats and cool tunes, don’t forget to stop by our table to meet us and learn more about how we can help with your home renovation needs.

Photo Tour: A Trip To The Stone Yard

Many folks who have renovated their kitchen or bathroom are familiar with stone showrooms. That’s where they go to select the stone product to be used in their project.

Because of what I do for a living, I get to peek behind the fancy showroom into the work areas of the fabricator. It’s a very dangerous place. You’ll notice the heavy stone slabs are strapped tightly to their frames so they don’t fall over.

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In the Beginning: The Starting Point for Every Renovation Project

Yesterday, my neighbor asked me about her kitchen. She explained that she hates the one she has, and she was obviously anxious about getting it renovated. But she was completely confused about how to get started or even identify what sort of renovation she wants. She made the mistake that many people do: jumping right into thoughts about cabinets, layouts and other fixtures. I told her what I tell all of our clients — these items are really just a distraction when you are starting to think about your projects. The features come much later during the design phase.

At our company, we do dozens of renovation projects every year, so understanding where to start is second nature for our team. But that means that we sometimes forget to put ourselves in the shoes of people like my neighbor. She really needs some information to help her figure out how to get started.

Here is a simple breakdown of the first three important steps:

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Myers Construct, Inc. Interviewed and Featured in Guide to the Main Newsletter

Recently Russell Mahrt II from interviewed our company for inclusion in his on line “neighborhood” called “Guide to the Main Line”. Here is his profile of our company in full. Enjoy!

Main Line Newsletter November 13, 2009

Guide to the Main Line Profile:

Myers Constructs

I was introduced to Myers Constructs Inc. by Megan Carr at Allied Mortgage Group (610-660-4710) in Bala Cynwyd. Megan is a top Main Line mortgage provider with wonderful mortgage products including home improvement loans. One of the more popular programs is a mortgage available for purchases or refinances where the home improvement costs are included in new loan. It is a great option for Realtors and home contractors and Megan had recently met with Myers Constructs. She liked the replica handbags very much. And she was impressed by the work they were doing and suggested that I should meet them.

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