A New Life for Their Space, A Better Life for Them

John and Judy* live in a three-story row home. They both commute to their city office jobs on bicycles. They bought their home when it was just the two of them. Now they have two children and a dog.

When their kids aren’t studying after grade-school classes, they are on their bicycles, playing ball or walking the dogs. All of this activity means this family now has a lot to store away in their compact, urban home. It’s a happy clutter, but this couple still wanted ideas about how to get it more organized, so books, bicycles, toys, sports equipment wouldn’t be laying around the small foyer area any more.

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New Construction Pollutes!

This blog post was in Boing Boing on Monday:

bricks pollute

If each brick releases 1.4 pounds of carbon when it’s made, and Philadelphia is a city made of bricks, how many pounds of carbon were released to make the average Philadelphia row house?

A typical Philly row house is 16 feet wide and about 35 feet deep. Our “test” row house is 3 stories tall.

Whoever comes up with the right answer by June 1, 2010 will win an Official Myers Constructs Inc. Staffer T shirt.

Remember, renovating an existing row house vs. building a new one will save “X” tons of carbon! It’s GREEN to renovate.

New construction pollutes!