How We Work and Feedback From our Sales Department

When Tamara and I tell folks what we do for a living, they generally picture us walking around in tool belts all day. For us, as the owners of Myers Constructs, Inc., this has not been the case for more than a decade. In reality, it’s our crews who wear the tool belts now.

Tamara and I are busy every day managing the company. We work in the office selling projects, planning projects, and, like most other small business owners, working to keep cash flowing through the company. We spend a lot of time in front of computers with spreadsheets and CAD programs. We also spend a lot of time talking to customers about their projects.

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Myers Constructs, Inc., Wins a Grand Jury Award in Renovation from The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia!

We’re thrilled to announce that we recently received an award from The Preservation Alliance for a major renovation and repair project at The Fleisher Art Memorial, the nation’s oldest tuition-free art school located on Catherine Street in South Philadelphia.

This project entailed repairing and replacing 83 wooden windows – most of which were nearly a century old – with the goals of maintaining the historical integrity of the buildings, achieving energy efficiencies, and providing a safer and more secure environment for the 17,000 people who visit Fleisher throughout the year. Click here for details on this project.

A Serendipitous Find at The Philadelphia Home Show

At the Home Show last week, we saw some nice, new products, including energy-efficient heating plants. These new hot water boiler systems can make hot water for heat and for domestic use, they are smaller than what you have now, and they are 95% or more efficient!

We also found that one of the window suppliers we use offers a 10-year warranty on its product! This was news to us — and good news, at that — since a set of their doors we installed seven years ago has water-damage issues. We have contacted their offices to see about getting the prob fixed!