Folk We Love

This Here Website

Let’s start by thanking the folk who help us with the appearance and content of this website:

  • Lisa Picozzi, our public relations and media maven
  • Eastern Standard, the communications design studio that helps us with all sorts of things, including the visual layout, fonts, and color scheme of the site.
  • Lisa Russell, the prop stylist who makes everything look so fine in the project photos on the site.
  • Business Advisors

    Then there are the folk who help us understand how to run a business in challenging times:

  • Glenn Stelzer, who works with SCORE.
  • Adam Gripton at Gunnip & Co., LLP. Need a great accountant? Call him.
  • Real Estate

    Our real property team:

  • Louise D’Alessandro of Elfant Wissahickon Realtors
  • Eileen Marolla, of Philadelphia Mortgage Advisers
  • Geeky Stuff

    It takes a lot of tech geeks to keep a modern company spinning.

    • Springboard Media, who keep us equipped with the latest Apple gear.
    • Zareason and System 76 Linux desktops and laptops, for when an Apple computer just won’t do.
    • The folk who make the WordPress web publishing platform, on which this website is built; and the folk who make the GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program), both of which are open-source and freely distributable. We use these packages to keep this website humming.
    • Also noteworthy is GNU/Linux, a free, open-source computer operating system which Dana uses extensively. (You likely use it too, but perhaps don’t know it. Linux runs most of the servers that power the internet, and is embedded in many of our ubiquitous smart devices: tablets, routers, TVs, Android smartphones, etc.)
    • And Who Can Forget…

    • Han Dynasty, for fiery, chili oil infused, Szechuan cooking. You try it once, and you’ll become addicted to it. Locations in Old City, Manayunk, University City, Camden, Exton, NYC.
    • Greensgrow, one of Tamara’s favorite places.
    • And speaking of growing, Livable Landscapes in Wyndmoor, PA. Livable Landscapes Inc., located in Wyndmoor PA, specializes in quality, residential landscape garden design and installation services that extend comfortable living space outdoors, maximize curb appeal and the enjoyment, use and value of residential property.
    • Moore Bros. Wine Company. Life’s too short to drink bad wine.