Fighting the Big Chill: Radiant Floor Heating

New entryway design for 1957 Flourtown split level

One of the most effective ways to make a cold space more comfortable during the Fall and Winter months is to install radiant floor heating. We have done this in many projects, including our current Fairmount whole-house renovation and this Flourtown rancher, where we converted a former breezeway into a warm, welcoming entryway.

The wiring is installed on top of the subfloor, then covered over with floor leveler before the finished flooring is installed. The heat is controlled via a wall switch — requiring only about as much energy as an incandescent lightbulb. A very efficient way to warm cold feet!

Image: Damon Landry

Making Your Holiday Home Improvement Checklist (and Checking It Twice!)

Image: john.schultz

Most people spend their holiday season making all sorts of checklists, including those for shopping, baking, gift-giving, entertaining, and so on. What they often don’t realize is that this is also a great time of year to begin a home renovation or repairs “checklist” to plan for their home-improvement needs during the coming year.

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The Heat Wave and Your Home

Temperatures of 100-plus degrees hit the Philadelphia area this week — and they’re only predicted to cool slightly in the days ahead. Not surprising for this region during the dog days of July. Nevertheless, conditions like these test not only our bodies’ ability to regulate temperature, but also our homes’ ability to do the same.

So, just how energy-efficient is your house’s cooling system? Here are some symptoms of poor performance to look for:

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Its heater season!

Lucy suggests you check your home’s weather tightness.

The dogs at our office enjoy their seat next to our office electric heater. IMG_2502

We can help you be more comfortable and spend less money on heat and air conditioning at the same time. Call us to schedule an energy audit. Once we know what’s happing in your home we can put together your energy efficiency plan.