Making Your Holiday Home Improvement Checklist (and Checking It Twice!)

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Most people spend their holiday season making all sorts of checklists, including those for shopping, baking, gift-giving, entertaining, and so on. What they often don’t realize is that this is also a great time of year to begin a home renovation or repairs “checklist” to plan for their home-improvement needs during the coming year.

At our house, we recently sat down to make our own list. Here is what we found.

Re-purposing rooms — Right away, we noticed that we have not been inviting older family members to the house because we don’t have a comfy bed for them to sleep on. So we put together a plan for turning unused office space into a proper guest room. Since we also recently renovated our master bedroom, we’ll take some of the furnishings we replaced and put them into the new guest room. They include a queen-size bed and mix-and-match dressers and night tables.

When evaluating your own home, look at the use of each room. Does it make sense based on your family’s unique needs? For example, are the rooms awkwardly arranged? Does your home lack a common gathering area? Is it in need of a children’s play area or teen hangout space? Turning a basement into a family entertainment area with added bathroom and bedroom space is a great bang-for-the-buck renovation. Typically, “egress” (access to the outside) is required by code. Keep in mind that the products you can select from now are way better than the faux wood paneling and shag carpeting many of us grew up with. You might even find you want the new family room for yourself! And you will find that these replica watches are high-quality.

Repairs — Do you have outdated and malfunctioning rooms and systems that need immediate attention? Perhaps you’re finding water leaks, or you have experienced recent storm damage. Keep in mind that it’s always good to have a whole house plan, so you can plot complementary renovation activities together to save money and stress.

Improving efficiency — At our house, we know we need to replace the 1957 vintage double-hung windows on the second floor because they leak air badly. Even worse, the vinyl siding on the exterior leaks water at the windows, and it’s been causing rot. So replacing these items is in order for 2014, but this will be a pricey renovation, so we are saving up the dollars now.

Cold air leaks in your own home are very noticeable now that winter has arrived. Many of those found around windows and doors can be attended to as weekend projects. Leaky doors can often be sealed with door stop weather stripping — we like the type that is a metal strip with a silicone gasket that gets screwed to the door stop. Door sweeps or air sealing thresholds are a great simple repair to make, too. (Hint: The holidays are a great time to request your cordless 18-volt screw guns for these kinds of projects!)

If your heater runs non-stop, it could mean you need to insulate. You’ll want to hire a home-insulation expert or an expert on the kind of home you live in because this can be a tricky project. Also, consider investing in a programmable thermostat; it will only cost you about $60, but it will save you thousands of dollars in home heating and cooling bills over the long haul.

Final tips? Assign a realistic cost to each of the projects on your checklist so you can budget accordingly.

If you own an older home, remember to hire EPA/RRP certified contractors to protect your family from lead exposure during home painting or renovations. Be sure to get permits on the home improvements you pay for so that the work you have done is done correctly, to code, and is registered with your township or county.

Happy holidays — and best of luck with your home-improvement checklist for 2014!

The Myers Constructs Team

Image: john.schultz

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I don’t think this is an uncommon sentiment because it is one we’ve heard many times before. After all, these contractors interact with homeowners’ families, children, pets, and personal spaces and items during a home-renovation project. People want to know that the companies they hire will treat them and their belongings with respect.

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At our Maryland Street project, the bank that owned the property before us had drywall screws driven into all of the locks except the front door. So we called this locksmith to switch out the locks and have them all keyed the same. This pro was a true pleasure to work with, and — just like his truck — he was super organized! He also likes the replica watches very much.

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The Importance of Having a Plan

I’ve been speaking with some landscapers about creating a plan for our yard’s landscaping. I’m pretty sure my reaction to the process is a lot like most homeowners thinking about home renovations: ”$X per hour for design services?! How many hours will that take? What will that cost? Wouldn’t I be better off spending that money on plants and mulch? Why do I need a design plan anyway?”

The truth is, I absolutely know the value of having a great plan, whether for landscaping or renovating a home.

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Home Changes, Life Changes

Many of our customers of replica handbags have older homes, in which large, complex or expensive projects have been delayed. Sometimes, the needed renovations are really overdue, but we are glad our customers waited until they found us to work on their homes.

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Blogging and the Brand Connection

Our company has recently been exploring cross-blogging opportunities, and we’ve had some success doing so. In fact, just this morning, we sent off a draft of a blog we will be sharing with a local landscape designer for her e-newsletter. Throughout this process, some issues have arisen — mostly relating to protecting and enhancing our brand strength/recognition.

There were times, for instance, when we passed on an opportunity to participate in another company’s blog because the inviting party did not understand our message/brand. Some of those sites were just collecting other bloggers in the field of remodeling, and they didn’t have any real connection to what we do. One example was a “Do It Yourself” website that helps homeowners do their own home remodeling. That’s just not our message. It’s not what we sell. Another example was a blogger who wanted to post what we felt was a sexist message. Again, not something we wanted to participate in. We felt that cross-blogging with these sites would not have been good exposure, and could have even damaged our brand.

Of course, we don’t want to limit ourselves to the narrow approach of working only with companies that are very similar to our own, but we do look for partners who have a complementary product/service line, personality and target market. Just as, say, a professional chef might look to share her blog with websites specializing in city living, parenting, food allergies, food associations and professional organizations.

Finding the right partners for these relationships isn’t an exact science, and we don’t have a checklist for making good choices when cross-blogging. But we do have a keen eye for protecting our company from risk.

Greening Your Home: Ask the Experts

Today and tomorrow, Tamara and D. Hassen Saker, owner of Organic Home LLC, will be at Bloomingdale’s chatting with eco-conscious shoppers about important strategies for greening their homes and lifestyles. Don’t miss these “Greening Your Home: Ask the Experts” events and your chance to ask questions and receive valuable advice pertaining to your own home.

Thursday, April 29th – Bloomingdale’s, Willow Grove Park Mall
2400 West Moreland Park Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090
11 am – 2 pm
Willow Grove: Cosmetics Dept., Level 1

Friday, April 30th – Bloomingdale’s, The Court at King of Prussia
2 Rt. 202 North 660 West DeKalb Pike
King of Prussia, PA 19406
11 am – 2 pm
King of Prussia: Housewares, Level 3.

Bought This on My Trip

Here is a snap of a bright pot I bought on my trip to the Asheville, NC area last week. I picked it up at a Black Mountain antiques shop.

I bought this on my trip last week
I bought this on my trip last week

I loved the drippy deep brown glaze. It reminded me a bit of the brown coffee cups everyone had in the 1960’s. This has a nicer color brown + all the flame red. I just had to have it.

Turns out it was made in W. Germany for export I would guess given that this fact is written in English on the bottom of the pot. My folks are from W. Germany so maybe there is a genetic component to my taste.

Our living room is very sunny, and mostly white. I needed some browns and reds to help connect the room to the open kitchen that has huge Red Dragon counters.

More color coming stay tuned. Let me know what you think of this pot!