Summer Vacation Memories Inspire Fall Renovation Plans

Outdoor Space_4170_Although we all feel sad to see the summer come to a close, we find that this is a great time to look back on your vacation memories and use them as inspiration for updating and beautifying your home for the fall. Perhaps you stayed in a delightful vacation home or a posh hotel room with details you wished you could replicate, or you simply experienced a lovely, relaxed vibe that you want to recreate now that summer is over. The good news? We believe there is no reason your home can’t feel as nice as — or better than! — a luxurious vacation destination.

A great place to start is examining outdoor spaces, including patios, grottos, and decks. Investing in upgrading these features can enhance your everyday quality of life and give you a great place to unwind, read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

You can also consider ways to bring the views of these outdoor elements inside your house: install larger, better windows and upgraded landscape features. You can also use your landscaping to create a sense of privacy where needed, such as outside bedroom windows or bathrooms, even when the shades and windows are fully open.

Next, look at things like appliances, paint finishes, light fixtures, and flooring. Nothing brings on the “post-vacation blues” like coming home to a house that is riddled with tired fixtures and finishes. Create a plan for replacing and upgrading the elements that leave your home looking dated and unwelcoming.

In addition to major renovations, there are dozens of little ways in which you can create a vacation atmosphere into your home every day. One thing we absolutely love is the crisp, fresh sheets and daily bed-making in good hotels. It’s not especially expensive or time consuming to do; it just takes more discipline. Another great idea is to decorate with the treasures you purchased while on your trip, such as unique sculptures and artwork and framed photos of your travels.

We’d love to hear from you … What are some of your favorite vacation experiences from this summer that you wish you had at home?

Image: Jason Varney

Because Your Home Should Fit How You Live

Very few of us live in homes that were custom built for us. But this doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t fit how you want to live. Your home can be tailored to fit your needs.

Our family stayed home this Memorial Day weekend. How wonderful it was to do so! We like to cook, have cocktails on the patio, and enjoy the views out of our windows into our yard. We have ample room to entertain and relax, and the house is easy to keep clean, so we don’t worry if friends come over with pets or children.

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Road Trip Checklist

Heading out for a Memorial Day Weekend getaway? Don’t miss these last-minute house-prepping tips to take the stress out of your vacation.

· Make arrangements for pets. If you are using a pet-walking service, be sure they are certified with a professional organization like pro pet sitters

· Unplug small appliances or charging devices. These can use energy even when not in use. We call them vampires.

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