Tamara Attended the Sustainability Tour on 8/13/09

Yes they really do recycle what we put out for curb side recycling – I saw it with my own eyes!!!  Right here in Philadelphia Grays Ferry neighborhood at Blue Mountain Recycling. This private company has the sole recycling contract with the city of Philadelphia and handles many other regional municipalities as well.

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Bought This on My Trip

Here is a snap of a bright pot I bought on my trip to the Asheville, NC area last week. I picked it up at a Black Mountain antiques shop.

I bought this on my trip last week
I bought this on my trip last week

I loved the drippy deep brown glaze. It reminded me a bit of the brown coffee cups everyone had in the 1960’s. This has a nicer color brown + all the flame red. I just had to have it.

Turns out it was made in W. Germany for export I would guess given that this fact is written in English on the bottom of the pot. My folks are from W. Germany so maybe there is a genetic component to my taste.

Our living room is very sunny, and mostly white. I needed some browns and reds to help connect the room to the open kitchen that has huge Red Dragon counters.

More color coming stay tuned. Let me know what you think of this pot!


When most folks have a kitchen designed by us, they usually have a certain style cue in mind. It could be they want a country styled kitchen with beaded board paneling and a farm house sink. Or they might want a sleek modern frameless Euro styled kitchen with quartz counters, or a classic Shaker styled one with cherry cabinets and soapstone counters.

These are all very helpful style take off points for our design team who will spend time talking with you about your ideas.

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